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The most comprehensive curriculum on mastering buyer psychology, decoding online persuasion & activating the right buying emotions in your buyer’s brain

Neuro- Emotion Activation Mastery Full Curriculum- VALUE £3,000

12 Month Exclusive License to Use NeuroCopy AI for your business- VALUE £2,000

AI Meets Soul Live Sessions-  VALUE £2,000

Neuro Your Business Crash Course- VALUE £2,000

Christine Mortensen
Owner At Sprk'd
Sold an audit for $1,500 that led to a $15k launch project
Dottie Reynolds
Facebook Ads Ace
Sold 7 COPY audits BEFORE becoming certified & 2 of those 7 upgraded to a 5 figure package
Lynn Coleman
Your Epic Business
Sold Two €2,797 packages within 6 days of becoming certified

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The Most Comprehensive Curriculum On Mastering Buyer Psychology, Decoding Online Persuasion & Activating The Right Buying Emotions In Your Buyer’s Brain
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    Once upon a time, in the land of courses and guarantees, we made a solemn promise. If you're not doing cartwheels of joy after investing with me, we'll unravel that money knot faster than a magician pulls a rabbit from a hat. Just shoot us an email within 7 days of your purchase, and voila! Your refund shall magically appear right back into your bank account.
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  • When do I get access to everything?
    You get instant access to 2 of the 21 Neuro-Emotive Models instantly and then one new model is released every 3 days.
    Neuro Your Business Crash Course is delivered live starting July 5th.
    Your licence for NeuroCopy AI will activate on July 18th
    Everything else including fast-action bonuses will become available as soon as we close the cart :)
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    If you have questions or issues that need some hand-holding, our rockstar team is here to sprinkle clarity like confetti! Reach out to us at, and we'll dance our way into your inbox with all the answers and maybe even a glitter bomb if we are in the mood.

Prefer not to use Paypal? Send us an email at and we will hook you up with a link to pay via credit card

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